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Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life
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13th-Apr-2010 01:47 am - its been over two years?
 out of some insomnia i decided to come back here and take a look. not much has changed, i still have an insatiable lust to travel and see the world, so really nothing has changed! im also way too lazy to document things, which is unfortunate because i sure could have used this LJ while i was overseas... ah well the past is past and the future is now : )
9th-Jan-2008 11:44 pm - ameoba
so currently i am floating AIMLESSLY
i have no freaking idea what im going to do with my life. and i think im going to have to transfer to a different degree. which kinda sucks some serious ass. the more i think about it, the better the idea is. no stress about going overseas. get my pointless waste of time and money degree out of the way. better than a half finished qualification lying around.
but then...
part of me thinks - how about i just defer a semester. work full time and travel the world. but hey i know how utterly dull travelling by yourself is. it doesnt have to be. but having someone next to you when you see an amazing painting or building or whatever makes it more fun, cos you can both look at each other and say - woah thats awesome!

so. i guess time will tell. my real problem is making decisions. something ive never ever been good at. 

the longer i leave it the worse it gets. so im giving myself till the end of jan to make this decision. because i sure as hell need to choose something.
5th-Jan-2008 03:10 pm - hot hot heat
lol its WAY too hot these days. i know - really im just a wimp. cos its way hotter elsewhere.
went to falls for nye, died of heatstroke but still had fun watching all the indie bands i love. am now totally smitten with little red. must tell kyla i saw them. jose gonzalez was awesome so were angus and julius stone, lior, gotye and kings of leon. along with a host of other ppl. although - i dont think im going back this coming new years haha. 

ill have to post some shots of it too.

am working like a crazy person, the next 12 nights straight at the restaurant and every week day except monday at the bank :-/ Im thinking a little crashing and burning is going to transpire lol.

am thinking about hopping in the pool.. 

its 2008 :-O
7th-Nov-2007 03:24 am - my innards
in a vain attempt to procrastinate at 3.30am, i have cleaned out my wallet, because well theres just too much crap in it
the contents are as follows:
two old metcards
a concession card for travel
a city library card
a frankston library card
a monrington library card
(Seeing a pattern anyone?)
a vic state library photocopy card
a monash copy card
my health insurance card
frequent reader at robinsons card
coffee hq card
myer one card
my australian newspaper card thingy
ambulence member card
learner's permit
probationary licence
caval card
monash community card
credit card
visa debit card
student id
2 x atm cards
job seeker id card
pure and natural coffee card (yum)
another coffee card (from TOORAK?!!)
wrappings card lovers club card
frankston library copy card
village movie club card
new zealand ice cream loyalty card
Club Teds Cameras gold rewards card
friendship card
mother to daughter card thing
ticket for the ferris wheel in melbourne
movie ticket stub for death at a funeral
smiggle card
savers reciept (haha)
post it with ex-managers no. at karingal village cinemas
library reciept
2 expired fuel discount dockets (damn)
2 stamps
sofias restuarant biz card
usa foods biz card
shanghai dumpling restaurant biz card (omg SO GOOD)
fifteen restaurant biz card melbourne
Spellbox biz card
mt eliza beauty therapy biz card
fleischers biz card
jerome breens driving school biz card
Taco bills discount voucher

well there certianly is a lot of crap in my wallet
30th-Oct-2007 12:47 am - this song will change your life
even if i lived till i was 102
i just don't think i'll ever get over you
4th-Sep-2007 11:47 pm(no subject)
i read this gorgeous short story the other day:


go read it!
16th-Jul-2007 12:37 pm - matheson
in the matheson library
on the first day back at uni
can it get worse?
hopefully this semesters timetable will work better than the last
9th-May-2007 02:29 am - friends forever

i just got the most beautiful and heartwarming message from a friend. unfortunately it came about due to tragic circumstances. but it reminded me of how we should really tell the people we love, how much we care while they're around and how important it is to keep in touch with your friends, because they are your family too.

8th-May-2007 06:51 pm - 3930
postcodes have never meant anything to me before, until this evening when i decided to go for a walk around the wealthy areas of Mount Eliza.

the sunset was stunning as i walked up from the beach, mauvey pink on my left fading into powder blue then butter yellow and rusty orange. 

and as i walked back up jacksons road i was surrounded by mansions and massive propertys with bright green grass - so unlike much public land and footy fields whose lawns and grounds have long since become a playground for tumbleweed. 

anyway im not talking about the drought. it just hit me tonight why when people ask where i live and i say mount eliza they either go "huh, where's that?" or they sort of pause and think, as though assesing if you're a snob or not lol. 

i could also be reading into some randoms silence, nevertheless :)

i still love mount eliza cos the beach is gorgeous and the sunsets make me happy.
5th-Apr-2007 03:10 am - das leben den andern
i saw this excellent film for my german tute a few weeks back; the lives of others.
there are a lot of great reviews and a few nasty ones. but i have ot say i loved it and it really moved me. so go see it if you havent already.

one of the bits i liked was the music and lit involved in the film. heres a portion from Brecht's play Baal that the main figure reads:


An jenem Tag im blauen Mond September
Still unter einem jungen Pflaumenbaum
Da hielt ich sie, die stille bleiche Liebe
In meinem Arm wie einen holden Traum.
Und über uns im schönen Sommerhimmel
War eine Wolke, die ich lange sah
Sie war sehr weiß und ungeheuer oben
Und als ich aufsah, war sie nimmer da.

Seit jenem Tag sind viele, viele Monde
Geschwommen still hinunter und vorbei.
Die Pflaumenbäume sind wohl abgehauen
Und fragst du mich, was mit der Liebe sei?
So sag ich dir: Ich kann mich nicht erinnern
Und doch, gewiß, ich weiß schon, was du meinst.
Doch ihr Gesicht, das weiß ich wirklich nimmer
Ich weiß nur mehr: ich küßte es dereinst.

Und auch den Kuß, ich hätt ihn längst vergessen
Wenn nicht die Wolke dagewesen wär
Die weiß ich noch und werd ich immer wissen
Sie war sehr weiß und kam von oben her.
Die Pflaumenbäume blühn vielleicht noch immer
Und jene Frau hat jetzt vielleicht das siebte Kind
Doch jene Wolke blühte nur Minuten
Und als ich aufsah, schwand sie schon im Wind. 

english trans which bowie used:

Remembering Marie A.

It was a day in that blue month September
Silent beneath the plum trees' slender shade
I held her there
My love, so pale and silent
As if she were a dream that must not fade

Above us in the shining summer heaven
There was a cloud my eyes dwelled long upon
It was quite white and very high above us
Then I looked up
And found that it had gone

And since that day, so many moons in silence
Have swum across the sky and gone below
The plum trees surely have been chopped for firewood
And if you ask, how does that love seem now
I must admit, I really can't remember
And yet I know what you are trying to say
But what her face was like, I know no longer
I only know I kissed it on that day

As for the kiss, I long ago forgot it
But for the cloud that floated in the sky
I know that still and shall forever know it
It was quite white and moved in very high
It may be that the plum trees still are blooming
That woman's seventh child may now be there
And yet that cloud had only bloomed for minutes
When I looked up
It vanished on the air

not much to report. uni is hectic, somehow the semester is almost over *blinks* wasn't it christmas last month? i think my brian needs some time to catch up to the present.
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